RWS Superdome .25 Cal, 31.0 Grains, Domed, 200ct

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The Superdome has the so-called “English Bulldog” design with a rounded head. The pellet displays the typical quality characteristics of RWS air rifle pellets and has a ribbed skirt. Ideal for both Field Target and Practice.

Due to the design, the ball achieves a high penetrating power and penetration depth. The  airgun ball convinces by a high precision and has low energy waste on the trajectory. The RWS SUPERDOME 2.00 g is very popular for compression springs and for weapons with compressed air cylinders (bottles) for hunting. It is available in the 6.35 mm quiver.

• Caliber 6.35 mm
• Weight: 2.00 g
• 200 pieces pellet tin



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Weight 0.500 kg


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