GSmith & Co. Klin Shoot for 5.5mm Caliber

GSmith & Co. Klin Shoot for 5.5mm Caliber


Bore Cleaning Wads For Air Rifles & Pistols

G. Smith & Co. is always conducting research to invent-manufacture-and establish new positive trends in the field of the sport of shooting as well as for the maintenance of your weapons. The Klin ShootTM is the same creation for cleaning the bore of your weapon to maintain and retain its accuracy.


THE KLIN SHOOT TM wads are manufactured from pure wool for not doing any harm to the bore/rifling.

THE KLIN SHOOT TM is provided in 2 different colours in the pack.

The red wads are chemically treated and soaked in a oil which is meant for loosening the lead deposits off the bore – lubricating it and protecting it from the effects of the weather which is captured in the gun luggage (soft or hard) which can cause oxidization or rusting.

The White wads are dry cleaners to take off all that matter washed & loosened by the red wad’s treatment.

This KLIN SHOOT TM is for 5.5 mm caliber.



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