GSmith & Co. Air Gun Pellet Dispenser


The pellet dispenser is designed and manufactured to have your pellets in your hand without the help of the other to open the lid of the container.

Naturally, it saves your time and efforts of opening and closing the tin as well as any possibility of splitting the pellets on ground.

Turn the lid and open the vent and pull open the lid-fill up the pellets of your choice to its capacity and press fit the lid and turn it CLOSE – now you can carry the pellets wherever you want.

Just turn the lid of the dispenser to open and it will dispense pellets from the vent (outlet) situated at its side whenever you need them to load.

The dispenser takes 400 pellets of 4.5mm(0.177) / or 200 pellets of 5.5mm(0.22) calibers.



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Weight 0.090 kg


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