Cleaning & Maintenance

  • PreciOil

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  • GSmith Klin Lub Lubricating Spray

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    After an extensive research considering the changing climatic conditions world over G. SMITH & CO. offer you a very wonderful formation based on the ancient herbal metal treatment technology consisting most modern fluid with herbal extract additives which
    • Deeply penetrates - reaches to the most integrated mechanism &
    • Lubricates
    • Cleans
    • Loosens - * Rust * Carbon * unburnt Gun powder * Metal fowling.
    • Removes water trace
    • Evaporates to certain part and forms a thin film for protecting all metal from atmospheric effects, rust, fungus formation and lubricates all the moving parts of mechanism.
    • Increases life of Blueing and Wood stock.
    • Is harmless to plastic and Nylon parts.
    • The very mild odour of the film resembles to bark odour and is unnoticeable in fields.
  • G Smith & Co Waffen – Spezialfett ( lubricating grease for guns )

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    Permanent lubrication for Guns / Rifles / Revolvers / Pistols / Air Arms, all auto and semi auto weapons. The para silicon based special purpose grease is imported from Germany - manufactured specially for application in weapon systems.