Cleaning & Maintenance

  • GSmith & Co. Klin Shoot for 5.5mm Caliber

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    Bore Cleaning Wads For Air Rifles & Pistols G. Smith & Co. is always conducting research to invent-manufacture-and establish new positive trends in the field of the sport of shooting as well as for the maintenance of your weapons. The Klin ShootTM is the same creation for cleaning the bore of your weapon to maintain and retain its accuracy.
  • PreciOil

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  • GSmith Klin Lub Lubricating Spray

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    After an extensive research considering the changing climatic conditions world over G. SMITH & CO. offer you a very wonderful formation based on the ancient herbal metal treatment technology consisting most modern fluid with herbal extract additives which
    • Deeply penetrates - reaches to the most integrated mechanism &
    • Lubricates
    • Cleans
    • Loosens - * Rust * Carbon * unburnt Gun powder * Metal fowling.
    • Removes water trace
    • Evaporates to certain part and forms a thin film for protecting all metal from atmospheric effects, rust, fungus formation and lubricates all the moving parts of mechanism.
    • Increases life of Blueing and Wood stock.
    • Is harmless to plastic and Nylon parts.
    • The very mild odour of the film resembles to bark odour and is unnoticeable in fields.
  • G Smith & Co Waffen – Spezialfett ( lubricating grease for guns )

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    Permanent lubrication for Guns / Rifles / Revolvers / Pistols / Air Arms, all auto and semi auto weapons. The para silicon based special purpose grease is imported from Germany - manufactured specially for application in weapon systems.